At Vultaggio Agritourism, even the electricity is homemade!

Vultaggio Agritourism respects the environment and is committed to minimizing its environmental impact – we have installed thermal solar panels to produce hot water and use only natural products. There is also an intelligent recycling plan in place.

Vultaggio Agritourism is also a believer in the Green Economy! We are constantly committed to reducing our impact on the surrounding environment to a minimum and you can see our good habits in practice.

We have installed photovoltaic panels to take advantage of the natural solar energy that abounds in Sicily during all seasons, including winter. We have also adhered to a project for the separate collection of plastic, glass and aluminium waste and we perform natural fertilization of the fields with organic waste. In addition, 90% of the paper we use on the farm is recycled.

The products we use for your wellness treatments in the spa are natural products and we pay special attention to the use of natural cleaning products, too. We care deeply about respect for the environment and the reduction of pollutants and so we take great care to minimize our energy consumption.

Saving water is an issue that is close to our heart, since water is a precious commodity in the world today, especially in Sicily.

Back in 1955, the Vultaggio family gave early proof of its sensitivity to ecology and energy saving. That year, our grandfather had a homemade wind turbine installed on the roof of the house. Thanks to this turbine, enough electrical energy could be accumulated in a battery to power the light bulbs in the chicken coop, and so it was possible to replace oil in an environmentally friendly way.


The homemade wind power plant remained in use until electricity arrived in 1974 – a part of it is still visible on the roof today.

With time, small steps lead to huge results.





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