Approfitta del tuo soggiorno presso l’Agriturismo Vultaggio per dare uno sguardo ai dintorni ed innamorarti dei paesaggi del territorio trapanese.

Vultaggio Agritourism is the ideal solution for those who wish to visit the area of ​​Trapani, full of charm, history and traditions. A wide variety of natural landscapes, the province is surrounded by the sea, the countryside and the mountains, and these are just a few reasons to explore the historical ruins, nature reserves and characteristic views of the Sicilian countryside and the Mediterranean maquis.

Not far away is Monte Cofano, a charming mountain with an unmistakable shape and a nature reserve well worth visiting.

At its summit are the remains of a guard building from the early 15th century and at its base are two towers built around the 16th century, once used as part of a fortification system to defend the Sicilian coast from Turkish pirates. Today one of the towers is used in the tuna fishing industry. There are magnificent caves along the coast that contain fossils and graffiti dating from the Upper Palaeolithic Period – these caves represent one of the world's most important traces of prehistoric settlements.

A few kilometres away is the fascinating fortress of Erice, located on the Mount of the same name. It has been declared one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of its churches, its antique dwellings, by the historical buildings, the huge walls of the Elymian-Phoenician-Punic period (8th / 7th century BC) and taste its distinctive sweets.

Another must-see is Marsala with its rich cultural heritage and landscape. Marsala is a place of great historical interest. Just consider that the Expedition of the Thousand led by Garibaldi landed here on May 11, 1860. Since 1987 it has officially been recognized as a City of Wine for its production of Marsala wine. Let yourself be enchanted by the landscape dotted by windmills restored to produce sea salt and admire the white expanses of sea salt drying in the open air.

We must also mention the Natural Reserve of the Stagnone Islands, which includes the island of Mozia, where you can visit the numerous archaeological remains and the Archaeological Museum of Villa Whitaker.

The province boasts 11 nature reserves, each with a different landscape.

You only have to choose where to go first!

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