The cultivation of grapes and wine production are now widespread throughout the Sicilian territory and were popular in Western Sicily already around the eighth and seventh century BC after being introduced by the Phoenicians.

Modern wine culture, combining ancient tradition and modern trends, has transformed wine-making in Sicily, which after being oriented for many years to the production of blending wines, now plays a leading role in the field of oenology thanks to the considerable progress made recently. The structure of Sicilian wines is a combination of the type of grape and the climatic environment where the grapes are grown. Of great importance to Sicilian wines today are the continuous improvements in quality and the research carried out to enhance their organoleptic properties.

Wine is highly appreciated by all types of palates and many Sicilian wine producers have earned a prominent position not only in domestic markets but also internationally.

 Our wine cellar offers a selection of over 130 wine labels from all over Sicily, including some excellent wines of national importance.

Accompany every taste with an enveloping selection of Sicilian wines from our extensive wine list, which also includes a wide variety of Sicilian craft beers.

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