The land where our farm stands today was acquired in 1910 by our great-grandparents. Our great-grandfather, Biagio Ingardia, was a great innovator in the field of agriculture and introduced the use of the thresher. The first building was constructed in 1930 by Giuseppe and Francesca Vultaggio, who also introduced important innovations and modernization to their approach to cultivation. In subsequent years, Biagio, who always had a good farmer's deep respect for nature, introduced a cultivation method that had a very low impact on the environment over the next 30 years.

The Vultaggio family has always followed an agricultural vocation that enhances the potential of the territory through the production of characteristic products of the Sicilian tradition. The farm business was run by Biagio and his wife, Beatrice, until the late '90s, and together they have handed down to their son a love for nature, for agricultural products and for the art of cooking. He has continued to run the Agritourism by following their teachings with the enthusiasm of their same passion.

You will also find the same great passion and love for country traditions in the men and women who work at our baglio (farmhouse) – a passion rooted in respect for the land and nature and which recreates the farm work of old that is closely tied to our origins.

The farm combines tradition and innovation with expertise in its business, which leads directly to top-quality and fully organic products.

Agriturismo Vultaggio

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