Erice is a charming medieval village located a few kilometres from Trapani, easily accessible from Vultaggio Agritourism.

The most comfortable and charming way to visit Erice is undoubtedly by cable car – it departs from Trapani and reaches the top of the mountain where the unique village is situated.

The charm of the medieval town is intact, accentuated by the light fog that may descend upon your walks through the beautiful flagstone streets of the village centre. Get lost on the narrow streets and lanes, discovering churches and fortifications, and give in to the temptation to enter the characteristic handicraft shops along the way.

Don't forget to sample the characteristic local sweets made of almonds and dried fruit, where the aromas of citrus fruits, sweet wine and chocolate will explode in your mouth. Admire, too, the beautiful collections of pottery in the ceramic workshops.

Once you have finished visiting the shops, a breathtaking view of the Egadi Islands, the Lagoon (Stagnone) and the salt pans (Saline) will open before you, leaving lasting memories in your mind.

For information on the cable car, costs, schedules and additional information on Erice, the Agritourism staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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