The Monte Cofano Nature Reserve is a beautiful natural jewel just over 30 km from Vultaggio Agritourism. The natural setting before you will leave you speechless: the blue sea and the imposing limestone massif that rises over the coast create a variety of unique landscapes, full of striking contrasts.

The Monte Cofano Nature Reserve is ideal for trekking fans who want to take a hike around the mountain or climb to the top, 659 metres above sea level, and enjoy a wonderful 360° view. The same routes can be travelled by mountain bike and are a perfect excursion for guests at the Agritourism who are avid bike lovers. In both cases, we recommend starting early to avoid the hottest hours of the day – when any excursion becomes more strenuous than expected – and please remember to take plenty of water with you.

Monte Cofano Nature Reserve is not only views and trails. You can go down to the beach near the Torre di Tono (Tower of Tone) and take a wonderful dip in the pristine water.

There are entrances to the Reserve at Castelluzzo and Custonaci, parking is free and entrance to the Reserve is € 2.00 *

* Information about access, parking and price is subject to change, so we suggest inquiring once you arrive at the Agritourism.

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