We care deeply about the authenticity and quality of all that we offer, and so the products you will find here are all “zero kilometre”, cultivated nearby with care and passion. This is reflected in the taste and smells of our genuine and totally organic foods.

 You can taste the eliche alla ghiottona (gourmet pasta) with yellow squash, homemade pasta, busiate with Trapanese pesto, busiate della nonna (Grandma's pasta), and also pork stew, mint or ricotta omelettes, cuscusu with meat or vegetables, peppers, pistachios and caponata.

 You'll also want to sample the bread, produced with the old crescente method, a natural yeast that makes the dough especially soft and tasty.

Don't forget to try the Ragusa PDO caciocavallo and Vastedda del Belice cheeses, the Nebrodi Black Pig, Noto almonds, Bronte Pistachios, in addition to Ustica lentils, Sicilian black bee honey and Piacentinu Ennese cheese. The garlic we use is the red garlic of Nubia, while the salt is of course genuine sea salt from Trapani.

These delicacies are just a few of the dishes and traditional Sicilian products you can enjoy during your stay.

Agriturismo Vultaggio

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